Activity Report Plugin Suggestion

I've tried the activity and reports plugins, but they leave a lot to be desired. So I have a suggestion that I hope you will consider very carefully.

Imagine you could receive an activity update in your inbox, or offer one to sites within your network.

Anatomy of a WPMUdev Activity Report Plugin
Let's see an activity report plugin that can email admins and super admins on a daily weekly or monthly basis. The email would be something admins can opt in & out.

For Super Admins the message would contain Visitors, Online Sales, Subscriptions, Inquiries, Top Sources, Top Search Phrases, Marketing and any other vital marketing information in a neatly formatted in a brand-able HTML email.

Prosites, Marketpress, Membership & Buddypress activity would make this a must-have for Network owners don't you think?

If there's anything out there already let me know... otherwise this would be a great plugin for WPMUdev to create. Could be a real asset to the WPMUdev arsenal.

I'm looking forward to feedback on this one...

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