Activity Report Problem

we have activity reports generated for client sites at the end of the month, with a breakdown of site activity report. We noticed that this month the report for sutto********** did not pull through any SEO or Performance data. It did last month

  • Luís
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    Hi John Downie ,

    Hope you're doing well since our live chat :slight_smile:

    I saw that were a small issue in doing a SEO checkups and URL crawlers on Smarcrawl, they were timing out. So, I increased the memory_limit value to 1024MB using a .user.ini file and it seems that fixed the issue, they are working fine now.

    I have also tested creating a new report on the site in question and the SEO and Performance data was pulled.

    Can you test it now? Just edit the report and in the Summary tab, enable Also generate and send a report right away. and click in Finish button.

    This will preserve all your report settings, but will also generate a new report righ away so you can confirm that everything is working as expected now.

    Cheers, Luís

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