Activity Streams not working

Hey! I updated to Buddypress 1.5 yesterday, and then updated my Bp-Social theme this morning. I was under the impression that the updated Social theme would fix my activity problems, but it hasn't! My members directory, among other things, are working fine now, but the stream is still broken. I add the site admin code that is floating around, and the stream actually shows up. But when I got to post, it sends me to a page with the error...

Permission Denied
Not Found / No Access

The page you are looking for either does not exist, or you do not have the permissions to access it.

It is trying to send me to .../activity/post. Any suggestions??

Just noticed that the default bp-adminbar is still showing up at the top of my pages. Not sure why it is as I have it disabled. Plus, when I hover over it, it doesnt do anything at all. It just renders and sits there!! I have the bp-disable adminbar plugin installed, as well as the code added into functions.php AND bp-custom.php...

  • Friendesha

    Ok. I removed the code...

    if ( !function_exists( 'is_site_admin' ) ) :
    function is_site_admin() {
    return is_super_admin();

    ...from functions.php.

    So, I got activity working on profiles. I realized though that I am running Brajesh's 'Sitewide Activity Stream Widget', and at the moment that does not work I guess. I disabled that for the time being so that I can get it working on profiles for the time being. Also, there is an issue with 'BuddyPress Friends Only Activity Stream' that truncates the site after the post update box. So I also disabled that...

    With all that being said, I have activity working, members directory works, everything seems fine. Just need to wait for a sitewide activity stream update.


    Still having issues with the adminbar showing up on the site, but it doesnt do anything. Its almost like it is rendering as an image, but I think something is just over it. Either way, trying to figure out how to get rid of that still in 1.5.

  • Friendesha

    Still unable to resolve the issue with the admin bar showing up at the top of the page. All the traditional methods of hiding it don't seem to be working... Is there a known issue with this when it comes to BP 1.5? I am going to disable my sliding login bar, and just use the adminbar for the time being, but would like to get rid of it still. If anyone finds a solution, or if I am simply missing something, please let me know!

    Take a look if you want:


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