Actually I do need more help as I have spent hours trying

Actually I do need more help as I have spent hours trying to figure this out on my own to no avail. I am wanting to add the "Fundraiser Panel WIdget" (See this link about 1/4 of the way down the page for image of the widget to my Fundraising dashboard page for the fundraiser I am creating. I went to Appearance and
then to Widgets and drug the "Fundraiser Panel" over to the right and placed it under "page widget area" . I am new at this and this was a guess on my part and this didn't appear to do anything. I have looked through the link that you sent me and it does not appear to say specifically how to add the "Fundraising panel" widget so that it shows up on the specific Fundraising page that I want it to. I hope I explained well. Also I do not see anywhere to change it to full screen on my Fundraising page? Please advise?

Thanks so much,

  • Joseph

    Still not sure what the problem is and I am not sure how I can explain further what is going on but here goes. I want my fundraising page to look more like the one that they use in the advertisement for the plug in. The "Fundraiser Panel" I believe is suppose to give you the option to place an extra description and customize the page a bit more from what I've read. I found the "Fundraiser Panel" in widgets and drug it into "Page widget area". I clicked the drop down on the "Fundraiser Panel" and I then checked "yes" where it says "Display a specific fundraiser" and the name of my fundraising page came up. I then checked the circle next to the name of my fundraising page thinking that this would add it and any info that I chose into my page but no go. Am I wrong in thinking that the "Fundraiser Panel" widget is to be able to add more info and customize the page a bit more? Or is it designed to serve another purpose? I am also getting extra info on my Fundraising page like "About the Author" and "Recent Posts" & "Popular Posts" and I do not want either of these on my fundraising page although when I go to the page for my fundraiser to edit it in the dashboard it does not give me any option to remove them and their is no code or info in the info box to remove to make these go away. Also, yes I would still like to have the fundraising page be full width so that I can add more to it. It seems a bit strange to only be able to put everything on one side of the page. I am new to this but really enjoy it and am eager to learn. I greatly appreciate your assistance with these issues and please trust that I have been diligently searching my dashboard and the internet for answers as well. I am using the WP theme Striking. Please advise, Thanks so much!



  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Joseph,

    I hope you are well today and sorry for the delay with my reply.

    Thank you for the additional information, I'm pleased to hear you got the full width issue sorted :slight_smile:

    Onto your other issues. I believe the about author info, can be removed with CSS, can you give me a link to your fundraising page please? And then I can also take a look at the fundraising panel issue as well :slight_smile:

    If you'd send the link privately you can email contact(at) with the subject line "Attn: Jack Kitterhing" :slight_smile:

    Thank you and sorry again about the delay.

    Kind Regards

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