Ad Sharing and Levels

I’d like to use ad sharing in a particular way:

(1) Level 1 blogs have advertising with no sharing.

(2) Level 2 blogs have advertising with sharing option 50/50

(3) Level 3 blogs have option to turn off ads or share revenue with 25/75

Can something like this be done with this plugin?

I believe I read about the idea of having ads on some blogs and turning them off on higher level blogs. Does that work with this plugin?

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings ProSapien :slight_smile:

    you can only select one tier at a time per network because you set the split in the Network Admin which applies to the whole MS network.

    However, if you were to make more then one MS network directing those to the appropriate level then I can easily envision this working :slight_smile:

    If we can be of further assistance please let us know :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

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