Ad sharing needs a fix to work with the fantastic "Easy Contextual Help" plugin


I know that I’m not the only one that has been waiting for a multisite compatible version of the great “Eays contextual help” plugin:

We have it!

“Eays contextual help” is a really great plugin if you want to add your own contextual help to each menu or plugin and make it available to all subsites.

However there was a conflict between this plugin and Ad sharing.

The chief dev kindly had a look and reported the following:

Unfortunately it is a bug in the ad-sharing plugin.

On the file ad-sharing.php line 283 there is a code in the function display_ads that looks like this:

if ( ! in_the_loop() )


It should be replaced with this:

if ( ! in_the_loop() )

return $content;

Please would you be so kind to fix it?

Thank you!