Ad-Sharing plugin causing ajax enabled pages to go blank

Has anyone else had the experience of enabling the Ad-Sharing premium plugin on a page that uses Ajax to expand and contract content areas?

I'm using the Carrington Blog theme which allows for category pages (and others) to use Ajax to expand and contract the actual post content. Since I've added and enabled the Ad-Sharing plugin, when you click on the post title on that Ajax enabled category page, the entire page goes blank. Often times, however, the Google AdSense ad shows up on the otherwise blank page.

Things are fine when I turn off the Ajaxy action, but it is such a groovy effect that I would love to have it AND the Ad Share integration as well.

Any help would be super delicious!

Happy 4th of July for those that are into it!


  • James Kirk
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Yeah, that's what I figured. Well, now I'm thinking I have bigger problems, because the ads aren't even showing in Firefox. At all. they do show in IE 6.0, but Ajax doesn't work in that browser. And no one uses it, so who cares!

    Having never loaded the page in Safari, but completely empty the browser cache, I am getting the same action of the page going blank and nothing but the ad showing on the white page. Same thing with Google Chrome.

    Just strikes me as strange. Taking the ad code out of the admin page, and the ajax action works perfectly. Turning off the ajax action and the page shows correctly (clicking on the link then takes you to the actual post page.

    Guess I'm just going to have to turn off the groovy, doovy ajax action if I plan on using this theme and the Ad-Sharing plugin.

    Thanks for your help anyway, Andrew. Have yourself a great weekend!


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