Ad Sharing Plugin SingleSite Vs. MultiSite Myth Busted

Hi guys.
The reason I joined WPMUDev in the first place was to get my hands on the Ad Sharing plugin. I have a website with hundreds of writers and I would LOVE to give them the chance to earn some ad revenue.

Sadly, I was led to believe that the plugin is only for multisite installations, which forced me to turn my single-site Wordpress into a multi-site. But after reading dozens of threads with conflicting answers (some users stating its only for multisite, others stating otherwise) i decided to put the plugin to the test on a single site.

1. First, I manually uploaded the ad sharing plugin ZIP file to WordPress. It installed and activated without issues.

2. Then, I created two test Contributor accounts. I noticed that these accounts now had an "Advertising" tab under their User/Profile, thus allowing them to place the ad code.

3. I placed an ad code under one user, and a different code under the other user. All ad codes were very different from one another so i could distinguish them visually (one was a skyscraper, another was a square, and so on.) I even threw in some Chitika codes along with AdSense into the mix.

4. Finally, I assigned two existing blog posts to each test user individually. To my surprise, both articles displayed their respective ads without a problem. In essence, "person A" had his own ad displayed within his article, as well as "person B."

5. To put the final nail in the coffin, I then inserted a different ad code under MY OWN admin username, setting the site/user ratio to 50/50%. I reloaded the articles in question several times, and they successfully alternated between MY OWN code, and the test users' code.

What's Next:
The plugin page "compatibility" information needs to be updated, to prevent other poor people from being misled.

I also noticed that users can't download/install the plugin through the WPMUDev Dashboard on a single site, stating that "it requires multisite." This also needs updating.

That's all, I just wanted to bring this to your attention, as i think it's very important. Thanks!

P.S. A tip for users: If you wish to give 100% revenue to your writers, then simply do not insert your own ad code.