Ad Sharing vs Who Sees Ads vs. ?

While I have tried both of these plugins. The both are great, but have their pro's and con's. Rather than stating my opinion, I just thought I could get some feedback how, if at all, others have implemented advertising on their sites, whether using these plugins, or others.


  • realsol

    Thanks for responding James. Any comments left here really are important to me as I am trying to figure out a ad campain that will make since in the long run.

    Out of the two, I like the control that WSA gives me. I don't like having to create so many ads though. I wrote a little plugin that keeps track of the adcodes that are not found as users browse different themes and then displays them to me when I use the 'themes stats' plugin (red for the missing ones, grey for the ones I have already added). This way, I can worry about only adding new adcodes as users select their themes.

    My friend was messing around creating blogs the other day and chose 'Pool'. I looked at his theme and noticed he had adds everywhere (before, after the post, even in the index or category pages). Since he had no real posts yet, it looked really bad. How do you handle ads when someone creates a new blog? If you have all the adcodes coded, wouldn't it seem like more ads then content?

    I hate altering plugins since I like to upgrade, but I can see this needs options, like to display if only is_single, or display only so many times.

    I also am not sure about the previewing of the themes when I have inserted the adcode, showing where ad's will be displayed on the theme to the users. I am probably going to figure out where this is being added to the preview and remove it. Not that I am trying to hide the fact that I display ads, I just think it deters the average 'new' users from creating a blog. How do you handle this on your sites?

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