Ad Sharing Widget & Filter Revision


Two feature requests for the Ad Sharing plugin:

1) Add a widget to the plugin, that would allow the plugin to place ads in the sidebar as well. The plugin would need additional fields to enter ad code for the widget(s), as widget ad sizes are likely to be different than page/post content ad sizes. This widget would also need to include the AdSense filter ability (to allow only AdSense for safety) as the other content areas.

2) Add the ability to allow HTML in addition to AdSense. In other words, I still don't want users to insert rogue JavaScript anywhere, but I would like them to be able to place standard HTML ads. So maybe there would be a checkbox to turn on filtering, with separate checkboxes to allow AdSense and/or HTML. I know that users can insert HTML now, but only with filtering turned off (which would also allow malicious JS code). So we still need filtering, but the ability to allow HTML through the filter as well as AdSense.