Adaptive Images and W3 Total Cache

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to start a discussion about something that I am currently working out.

I am using the “New Nine Adaptive Images”, which is a spin off version of the “Adaptive Images” code bundle. It works great. It does what it says it will do, which is to create cached copies of images of varying sizes, and serve an appropriately sized file on devices with smaller screens.

I have run into a “problem”. A snippet taken from

“Adaptive Images relies on the server being able to: intercept requests for images; do some logic; and send one of a given number of responses. Content delivery networks are generally dumb caches, and they won’t allow that to happen. Adaptive Images will not work if you’re using a CDN to deliver your website.”

So, when I use W3 Total Cache to serve my attachments and other files from Amazon Cloudfront, New Nine Adaptive Images stops serving the nice small files on mobile.

I am looking for one of two solutions:

1.) A way to make both work.

2.) A new solution to serve smaller files to mobile devices while retaining the CDN functionality.

For now, I will test the site’s load speed with and without serving images through the CDN and I will keep the one that loads faster (for now).

Caveat: If the site loads faster with the CDN loading the images, the size of the website on mobile will be HUGE.

Thanks for reading my post, and I hope this stimulates a nice discussion.