Add a custom gateway for global cart


I understand that at the moment global cart is limited to Paypal parallel payments as a payment gateway.

Do you think it’s possible to develop a custom gateway that supports marketplace and p2p payments like Paymill Unite or similars? What I need is a way to:

1) keep a commission from vendors

2) eventually delay the payment to vendors. This is already doable with Paypal Chained payments but we cannot use them with global carts.

Are there limitations in the way Marketpress works with global cart or it is a problem linked to the way Paypal works with Chained Payments?

I’ve seen that Paymill is already implemented as a gateway for single cart. Do you think it’s possible to extend that gateway to work with global cart?

Just wanted some hint before spending time and money on custom development.

I’m not interested in Etsy-like solutions, where if a client wants to buy from different vendors he is presented with different checkout buttons. This is really bad in terms of user experience and obviously also brings much less sales than a unified payment flow.