Add ability to hide more menus and submenus in Ultimate Branding plugin

The Ultimate Branding plugin gives the ability to hide/modify items to make the dashboard easier and customize it for our clients.

In particular, it gives the ability to hide the permalinks menu. In addition to the permalinks menu, we should be able to hide all WordPress menus and submenus if we need. This could be a checklist similar to the ability to hide options on the WP Amin bar, a feature already built-in to the plugin.

In addition to hiding certain items, we should be able to choose what level of user can see the items. For example, hide certain menu items from anyone who’s not a Super Admin. Something like:
(if (!current_user_can('update_core')) {})

Rather than have them all in a separate tab, there could be a tab called 'Simplify Dashboard' or something where the WP Admin Bar, Dashboard Widgets, and Sidebar Menu/Submenu items, etc. could all be hidden, then the ability to add custom items/modify items could be elsewhere (i.e. Customize Dashboard). In essence, we'd increase functionality but simply execution and management by consolidating items by function rather than by location to make it more intuitive.

Something really nifty would be a way to also hide 'custom menu' items added by other plugins and themes (non-default WordPress menus) as well.

A lot of this functionality is built into the Adminimize plugin, as an example. From the description it seems like the Ultimate Branding plugin should be able to do the same things. It does some of them, but it just doesn’t quite go far enough. The extra functionality doesn’t seem like too much of a leap (developers love hearing that, don't they?).