Add additional post types to a feature post segment

Hello Jose and team. I am using theme and I want to include additional post types (specifically posts from event plugin), into the featured posts area. As per Jose I've included 'post_type="incsub_event"' in the filter. So now I have:

$custom_query2 = apply_filters('meso_featcat_query_two', 'post_type="incsub_event"', 'cat='. $featcat2 . '&' . 'offset=' . '&' . 'showposts=' . $featcat2_count);

Ok, cool. Pulls in the events posts but then there is issue of making them relate to the template so that the drop down option sees the new post types as well, and adds them into template functions. (So new posts not just display but get handled as do the original post type 'category').

I assume this requires modifying additional filters in other files. Anybody know which ones? I see a few that might need modification to achieve this. The whole concept of a filter sort of leads me to believe the theme is designed for doing just this type of thing.