add anchor link / page jump ID to header area instead of content area

So normally its simple to create a jump link by adding the id="name" to an element on the page.

Now the problem is, I have a client that wants to link to the top of the page where the header is excluded but the nav menu remains at the top of the page like this attached screenshot example:

Now if I add an id to one of my menu items or just above the nav menu itself this will work but it will always remain on the current page. So if I use the pagename in the link:

my link

It DOES NOT jump/take you to the page resources and then to the #link, it will just go to #link on what ever page you are currently on.

Same the the links commonly at the bottom of a page that will take you to the TOP of a page, since the id="toTop" is at the top of the page in the header and not the content you cannot jump to a different page but it will take you to the top of the page you are currently on.

So how can I do a page jump to a new page and just include the nav menu of my header?

From what I can tell if you put a id="link" name in content area its fine but you cannot do a page jump if this is located anywhere in the header.php content. I guess since the link id is located on all pages in the header you just remain on what ever page currently on.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi there, George!

    I think I do need a few more details here, we’re not quite on the same page. If I’m reading you correctly, you want to put a link on Page A, that when clicked will go to Page B, to a specific anchor in the nav menu? (Would that then redirect them to another page?) Can you give me a few more details about what the expected user experience should be?

    We use cross-page anchors here on dev, if you go to one of our plugin pages, you’ll see two tabs, one for promo copy, and one for the usage guide. We can link members to to promo text with a link just to the page, but if we want to link directly to the Usage guide tab, we use a link like this: This tells me that the usage tab has been wrapped in an anchor and given a unique ID, so we can link directly to it from another page. I suspect what you’re wanting to do is something similar, correct?

    Thanks, George!

  • George
    • The Bug Hunter

    If you go to this site:,

    Then click this button orange button in the header:

    “For information needed to apply, click here.”

    You will see it opens a page and scrolls down just the menu is visible as in my pic above.

    However, I did that by duplicating my page and removing the header and then linking to this duplicate page. I wanted to do it with an anchor link.

    But if you create an anchor like id”myLink” and add it to an element in the header.php file INSTEAD of the content on the page, it WILL NOT jump to a new page if you use a link like

    What ever page you are currently on it will scroll down to the anchor id element but WILL NOT jump to another page, just stays on the current page.

    It only happens when adding an anchor the header.php file.

    Make sense :slight_smile:

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, George!

    Thanks for the extra details here. I did some digging, and as it turns out this is an issue that we’re working in Upfront, and it should be addressed/fixed in the next big release. I don’t have an exact ETA, but the Upfront team is working night and day to get it pushed out. I’ll keep you posted here when the next release is ready.

    Thanks for the extra details!

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