add anchor link / page jump ID to header area instead of content area

So normally its simple to create a jump link by adding the id="name" to an element on the page.

Now the problem is, I have a client that wants to link to the top of the page where the header is excluded but the nav menu remains at the top of the page like this attached screenshot example:

Now if I add an id to one of my menu items or just above the nav menu itself this will work but it will always remain on the current page. So if I use the pagename in the link:

my link

It DOES NOT jump/take you to the page resources and then to the #link, it will just go to #link on what ever page you are currently on.

Same the the links commonly at the bottom of a page that will take you to the TOP of a page, since the id="toTop" is at the top of the page in the header and not the content you cannot jump to a different page but it will take you to the top of the page you are currently on.

So how can I do a page jump to a new page and just include the nav menu of my header?

From what I can tell if you put a id="link" name in content area its fine but you cannot do a page jump if this is located anywhere in the header.php content. I guess since the link id is located on all pages in the header you just remain on what ever page currently on.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile: