Add answer on admin dashboard gives 404 - as reported on #200209

Hi Guys,

#200209 was not finally answered but I started this new question as that was a year ago..

curios one this.. wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=answer is the link you go to, to add an answer on the back-end, but it throws a 404 on a root level site or on a sub folder install it seems to go the root, either way - it is not working.

I have permalinks set to postname, and all other plugins switched off on this dev copy site. I also ensured admin had all capabilities and all other roles had at least view and answer set - maybe that should be a default if it is an issue - i.e. it won't work if no capabilities set..?.

On testing this further, I can add answers on the front end and see them and edit them on the back-end but when one has been added this way the "Add new" button for Answers disappears on the back-end.

I tested this on a few installs, always the same, so once a question has been answered on the front end the button that was not working anyway disappears.. like I say, curios..

When I deleted or trashed the answer, back comes the Add new button..

I can get by with managing on the front end but this should be fixed..?