add category option missing for users

I am trying to implement the my directory site at

The questtion/issue I have is that:

Regular users cannot add a new category. Please see screenshot

The other screen shot is that of the admin and there you can see that I can add a category

The downside for me is that I would have to as admin, come up with all the subcategories and create those.

Is there a way to allow the users to add categories for their own listings?

  • DavidM
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    Hi alexandegn,

    You’re right, the plugin doesn’t currently provide a way for users to add categories and I believe that’s partly there for moderation purposes. I believe you can use a role/capability editing plugin to change that, though I’m not sure the required capabilities for it.

    I’ll ask the developer if he can have a look, and possibly provide some capabilities that would allow for that.


  • alexandegn
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    Does the Directory 2.0 beta allow users to add their own categories? If so, I might want to try installing it.

    Do I have do deactivate my current directory version before installing the beta one?

    Also, can I install plug ins via the install plug in in the dashboard? or should i install manually???

    Help please

  • Andrey
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    Hi alexandegn,

    Strange, I answered several days ago before you wrote the last comment.

    But today I found that there isn’t my answer.

    Sorry, for this strange situation :slight_frown:

    There is that I wrote:

    “Only Super Admin, Administrator and Editor can add categories – it’s how in WP.

    I don’t think that this is good idea to allow regular user can create category.

    Maybe add feature for send request to admin for create new category:

    user can write name of category and select parent of category and then send request to admin.

    Then admin can look this request and allow or deny this category.


  • alexandegn
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    Andrey: Thanks for the response.

    From the user perspective. I think it is a great IDEA to have members create and add categories themselves. This will eliminate work for me trying to come up with all sorts of classifications for categories

  • Mason
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    Hiya alexdesign,

    Just coming back around to this one, I would recommend giving your new users a default role of editor or adding the capabilities to the directory role through another plugin like ‘members’. That should do the trick for ya.

    Let us know if we can assist further.


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