Add compatability with Network plugins?

I use Wordpress 3.0 multisite with one of the many Network plugins, allowing me to create sub-networks. If I use the Network theme as the homepage of one of my sub-networks, it shows posts from the entire network, not just from it's own sub-network. I know I can exclude blogs, but this is going to get extremely messy when I have 100's of blogs.

Is there any chance of adding support for sub-networks? Or, can suggest how I can modify this to only allow blogs from the sub-network?

  • DavidM
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    Hi jimnastics,

    I'll check with the team on any plans to support multi-network plugins though I think that would depend mostly on member requests for that type of functionality.

    Just to mention too, the following two files are where the crux of network operations occur in the theme and you could potentially make adjustments there:

    That said, any +1s for multi-network support?


  • Philip John
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    The complexities involved in this are going to make support unlikely, to be honest.

    Each network plugin will obviously have it's own way of doing things and so we'd need the theme to work out and support each one of those. Plus, any updates to those plugins could cause the theme to break.

    However, any necessary adjustments to ensure compatibility could probably be achieved in a custom child theme - allowing you to add support yourself for the specific network plugin you're using.


  • jimnastics
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks for the response guys. I hope one day Wordpress do the obvious thing and make multi-networks a core feature... I think your devs would be surprised if they took a look at the various multi-network plugins, under the surface they are all basically exactly the same with regards to how they setup and manage networks (the devs of the various plugins will attest to that). The only differences are the extra features that they chose to add on top, such as they ability to move blogs between networks, duplicate a network etc.

    Anyway, hopefully this kind of request will pickup support in future, for now I'll have a stab at creating a child theme.

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