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Hi Folks and @Cole,
I'm trying to add some copy to the checkout page with the Fundraising plugin. I'm using the 'Elaborated Check out page' option in the Fundraising settings and when I load the checkout page I get a
"How much would you like to donate?" -> the amount input field, a checkbox to share on buddypress activity and then the submit button.

This page does include the featured image, from the fundraiser itself, but I'd like to include some copy on the check out page as well. Is there functionality to do this currently? The information in the settings for the check out style has a info tooltip which states 'The elaborated check out page allows backers to view additional information about your fundraiser'. So I was thinking there should be an area to put additional information..

Any guidance would be great!

  • Kimberly
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    I have spoken with the developer and it seems that the page you are referring to is actually going to be used in future releases. Seems it was put in in preparation for things to come.

    I'm very sorry for the confusion but it seems that you've caught us stepping ahead of ourselves here and we will address the documentation and tool-tip accordingly :slight_smile:

    Again, sorry for the confusion.



  • Kimberly
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    Hello Dannyo

    There are still some upgrades to be made before the plugin can make full use of the page that the OP here was referring to.

    Perhaps he may still receive a notice of your comment here, even though it is closed now, and comment on his success or work method to achieve his goal.



  • AndrewSepic
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    Hey @dannyo,
    In the end I modified the template-functions.php in the lib folder of the fundraising plugin (I was using RC3). The function in question was 'wdf_pledge_button' and it was down around line 590 where I made an additional $content .= entry something like this..

    $content .= '<div class="donate-statement">'.__('The Yoga Mala Foundation relies on its supporters of like minded businesses, individuals etc.. ','wdf').'</div>';

    just above the $content line which ask 'How much would you like to donate?'.

    Obviously this would be erased if you updated the plugin, so I've just made sure to //comment the changes clearly and make note of them before upgrading to the next version.

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