Add Custom Fields to Membership Plugin


I read a BUNCH of threads about this issue. All of the resolved threads were solved by using BuddyPress. I tried this solution, I dont need buddypress at all, so I disabled most of the addons and was simply using XProfile for custom fields... The registration and everything works fine with this, but...

XProfile fields are not added in Users Profile in the backend, when I try to view or edit the User Profile in Users >> All Users >> Username

As I need Extra fields for getting this information, as I see, XProfile fields are displayed only on BuddyPress pages on Frontend, so this solution wont work for me.

Question is,

1) is there any way to get XProfile fields inside the backend, user profile pages?

2) Is there any other plugin that works with membership, that creates extra custom fields? like WP User Pro, or any other plugin?

3) If not, How can I add custom fields to both registration and user profile pages without using BuddyPress?

4) Will Membership Plugin ever have this functionality included? In many fields some of the devs were saying that they are working on update and this feature is planned to be included, this threads are almost year old.

Help please, Im stuck badly on this issue : ((

Thank you