Add custom fields to the Support System support ticket form?

I have a multisite setup with seperate sites for:




1 – I would like to add a way to designate the originating site with a drop-down list or from the originating link location.

2 – I would like to add categories with Sub-categories for their selections.

My goal is end user support rather than sub-site admins. End users of the store will have much different questions than those trying to take a course.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @mike

    I hope you're well today! And Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    A dropdown selectbox is already built-in to the ticket submission form to allow users to select the site their ticket relates to (screenshot). Is that not what you see on your install?

    However, I can see how it could be useful in some installs to be able to create nested categories for selection too.

    As for the form in the popup idea, that is pretty cool! I just tested using or Popup Pro plugin and, although the form does correctly display in the popup, it does not submit to the support system itself.

    That would be really cool if we could get that to work. :slight_smile:

    So I've notified the plugin developer of these suggestions so he can see if they might be included in a future release.

  • Phill
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Is there a way to add our own custom fields to the ticket at all?

    Usually I could tell WordPress to create fields on edit using hooks but as the tickets aren’t stored as posts in the database this won’t work.

    I don’t want to edit the plugin itself but I feel I have no choice.

    We have other custom post types which are assigned to users, such as products.

    So we would like a drop down for them to select the product relevant to their ticket.

    I can see another drop down which we dont see, but that appears to be for multisite and therefor doesn’t really help us.

    Has anyone made an attempt at anything like this?

    Surely there would be a way to get custompress and support tickets talking to each other?

  • Ignacio
    • HummingBird

    Hi Scribblevision

    There’s actually a way to add custom fields to the form but is a little tricky. First, you’ll need this code:

    // Yeah, there's a typo in that filter
    add_filter( 'support_system_shortccodes', 'add_my_own_shortcode' );
    function add_my_own_shortcode( $shortcodes ) {
    include_once( 'includes/class-my-form-submit-ticket-form-shortcode.php');

    // this will make Support System to use My_Form_Submit_Ticket_Form_Shortcode class for the shortcode
    // instead of the current one
    $shortcodes['support-system-submit-ticket-form'] = 'My_Form_Submit_Ticket_Form_Shortcode';
    return $shortcodes;

    Now you need the class-my-form-submit-ticket-form-shortcode.php file. Here it is:

    Bear in mind that is actually the same class than the one in Support System but I added a field input and validate it. Then I save it as ticket meta (there are some functions to save ticket metadata). Try not to change the default behavior of the class but add your own code instead.

    I hope it helps.


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