add custom sidebar to store pages

Hi, I am using a non Marketpress theme and I've created a custom sidebar for store pages only.

I have it working fine for the main store page but can't find a way to make it work on the other pages. (i.e. individual product pages, shopping cart etc.)

I created a copy of single.php and renamed it mp_product.php to use for the others but for some reason it makes products appear like blog posts. All I want is that it appears the same but with a different sidebar.



  • shaunyk

    Hi Kimberly, thanks.

    I'm using an Elegant Themes theme called DeepFocus.

    I have the custom sidebar set up ok (still working on the styling but it works as I want it to).

    The things is that I want this to appear on the dynamically created pages - I've seen lots of similar posts but the normal solution seems to be to create a custom sidebar, duplicate single.php, change the sidebar it calls up, and rename it to mp_product.php.

    My problem is that when I do this it completely alters the layout so the product page looks like a blog post - which tells me that MP is not actually taking using the single.php template as stated. Even when I just duplicate single.php and rename it to mp_product.php without making any changes it changes the layout. I've tried using the page.php template as well with no luck.

    Here is the site <a target="_blank" href="

    When you click on a product I just want it to look exactly the same but with the other side bar.

    Hope you can help!



  • Kimberly

    Hey Shaun,

    Glad you got the sidebar working :slight_smile:

    As for your custom page templates, yes it's unfortunate that once you create that custom template it stops displaying with the Marketpress Styling.

    Unfortunately, at this point it's going to take custom styling and a bit of work. I'm not sure how comfortable you are with coding and themes, but we do offer Framemarket, which is a theme built for Marketpress where you can get some ideas on how to set the layout perhaps?

    i'm currently looking into a way to make this process easier and a bit more intuitive.

  • shaunyk

    Thanks Kimberly,

    Is there any simple way of manually adding back the MP styling? (i.e. importing a bit of CSS or something)

    I don't mind doing some custom styling although it does seem a bit strange to me that I have to do all that just to change the sidebar?

    Currently everything is worrking perfectly except for the sidebar and MP must be taking the page template from somewhere? So all I'm trying to do is change the name of the sidebar that gets called up when MP gets the page template.

    Admittedly I'm not much of a php whizz but isn't there some bit of code where you can just say 'if it's a store page load sidebar X and of not load sidebar Y?'

    As I said I'm not an expert so I'm just asking the question. If there's no real solution i'll get cracking making a page template from scratch. Arrggggghhh.



  • Kimberly

    Shaun I'm in 100% agreement with you!

    I just sent an email this morning about this to the developer and my fellow support staffers to see if there was something that can be done.

    Basically the way it was explained to me was that if you let Marketpress create the page then it will use the marketpress styles to do so, if you create a page template then it strips Marketpress of that ability and assigns it to your theme. So essentially it is calling your page template when there is no other one found, but it is relying on the plugin to provide the style. Does this make sense?

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