Add date information in CoursePress course details

User is wondering if it's possible to replace the "Average" text and add a date below that or a different custom text. Image attached.

Looking for orientation on where to change that.

    Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Jonathan,

    "Average" text is part of the translation files so that can be easily changed via those or by using Text Change module from our Ultimate Branding plugin.

    Content of that column on other hand is not changeable that way and would require custom coding and changing plugin core files.
    The file responsible for that table is this one:

    But note that changes made to that file will be overwritten with plugin update and you will need to re-apply the changes each time.

    Other solution would be is to create new shortcode based on the current shortcode for dashboard page that can be found here:
    It will probably require some extra work but it will be better solution in order to keep the changes.

    Best regards,