add embed image in text in upfront

Hi there
Hi Diana, how's it going today?
I have a glitch here:
Look at footer, the text there.
Dunno HOW I got an image going there, but I like it.
However I see a glitch in various browsers.
oh I see!
The image is somehow part of the text area. But I have struggled and struggled to make the text the right size and not lose the image.
then it became a list. lol. OMG what a crazy hour and a half
Anyways, this is in progress, so I am gonna move along and try a workaround later. Maybe this is for your bug list?
I'm not really sure, that seems that the code somewhere was broken so that code piece is open right there
i'd try to delete the imagem and insert it again
How do I do that? It is an EMBEDDED image. No idea how it happened. But it worked. Sorta
you can't remove the image block?
It's not an image block. It is somehow embedded in the text.
NO IDEA how that happened. A menu just appeared with a little plus sign in a circle.
oh did you create a support ticket about it?
once you do that, also please grant support access via WPMU DEV > Support > Grant Support Access.
Do you know how to embed an image in a text block?
I'd drop an Image element over the area (when a purple line show up)
then the area will show a plus icon and "Add image"
that is how I add an image block. But how would I embed that within text and have the text wrap? That is what this embedded image did. It was cool, except buggy.