Add field(s) to PPV plugin settings for monthly/yearly subscriptions

It’s not documented anywhere that is easy to find — on either WMPUDev’s site or PayPal’s — that you cannot have recurring subscriptions for more than ~90 days (92 might be the limit, cannot find an official source).

It would be great if there were an option for the PPV plugin settings to change from using days to months or years, because otherwise we have to hack the plugin code to get things working for a yearly subscription.

It would also be great if a warning appeared when an admin tries to set the recurring time to 92+ days.

Something like, “Heads-up! PayPal subscriptions longer than 92 days need to use months or years. Please change the Subscription period type from “days” to “months” or “years” and adjust number of days/months/years accordingly.”

Everything else works beautifully, and since a quick form adjustment fixes everything it would be a simple matter of adjusting the settings so that the form output works within PayPal’s subscription constraints.

Is there any chance this might be fixed so we don’t have to manually modify the form output?