Add fields to Q&A?

I need to add a few fields after the content box. Is there any plug-in to make this easier that re-writing the PHP code?

Is something like this going to be available in a future version (and if so when)?

I’ve spent a few hours looking at the php code and it’s not so clear how to work between wordpress and Q&A code to get what I need.

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    There are already several hooks inside the Q&A templates.

    For example, to add a content after the question (and its related answers), you can use “qa_after_content” hook. Simple example:

    function add_my_note( $type ) {
    // Add a note only for single question page
    if ( 'single-question' == $type )
    echo 'This is a single question page';
    // For a question archive page
    if ( 'archive-question' == $type )
    echo 'This is a question archive page';
    add_action( 'qa_after_content', 'add_my_note');

    You will add these codes inside functions.php of your current theme.

    Please have a look at the files inside default-templates folder.



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