Add "Integrated Video Tutorials" to "help" menu

i prefer to have the full volume of "Integrated Video Tutorials" in the "help" menu.
ie : NOT the "contextual help" option

the idea is not to clutter the main wp menu for novice users. there is already a "help menu" so my thinking is to appropriately have them there instead.

therefore I created an extra item in the "help menu" using the "ultimate branding" plugin,
and tried pasting the short codes from there but the videos do not appear. i tried pasting the code both in the visual as well as the text tabs without luck.

Is this possible ?

kind regards,


  • Patrick

    Hi there @Randall

    I hope you are well today!

    There are settings in both the Video Tutorial and Ultimate Branding plugins that enable you to do that.

    In the Video Tutorial settings (Network Admin > Settings > WPMU DEV Videos), set "Add Videos to Contextual Help" to "Yes".

    In Ultimate Branding > Help Comtent, don't add any shortcodes, simply check "Keep default help items (if any) and merge the new ones with them" at the bottom of the screen.

    The result is the appropriate videos are added to the "Help" dropdown as a new item, and contextually depending on where the user is to minimize confusion.

    For example, when adding a page, they have all the videos pertaining to pages right there in the Help (screenshot).

  • amused

    thanks for the reply,
    but as i mentioned ,
    "NOT the "contextual help" option"
    "i prefer to have the full volume of "Integrated Video Tutorials" in the "help" menu."

    ie : ALL of the videos as they would appear in the menu or dashboard using the plugin settings, BUT instead ALL of the videos in the help menu instead and NOT just the contextual videos.

    thats why I suggested putting the short codes in the newly created "items" for the "help menu"
    but i am not getting the short codes to show up there.

    kind regards,


  • amused

    Can I please get a reply or follow up on this ?

    Basically I would like to include the entire video tutorials in the "help menu" where I believe it appropriately belongs (and NOT just the "contextual" help videos)

    I tried using the video short codes in a new "item" for the "help menu" using "ultimate branding" plugin, but the short codes does not seem to be working there.

    kind regards,


  • amused


    Can i please get a follow up on this ?

    As i mentioned above, I do NOT want just the "contextual" help.
    Rather I want the entire video tutorials in the "help menu"

    I tried creating a new item using the "ultimate branding" plugin,
    and entering the video tutorials short codes in there,
    but it does not seem to be appearing.

    Any kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.



  • PC

    Hello there RC,

    Thanks for posting back and your kind suggestions. Sorry for the delay in response here as Patrick is away due to some family issues.

    I see what you mean here. Currently the Integrated Video Tutorials only shows in 3 ways

    1: Contextual Help
    2: Shortcodes in posts/pages
    3: A top level or Dashboard menu item.

    We can use Admin help content plugin here : to add custom content to the help menu however that does not process shortcodes out of the box so you will need to make core changes via custom coding.

    I see a better option to show a direct link to the Videos in the Admin help section where a user can click and be taken to the videos page.

    That will help us keep the help menu clean and better organized.

    Is that something that would suit you ?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, PC

  • amused

    thanks for the reply PC.

    your suggestion is not completely what i am looking for.

    but basically you have confirmed what i expected which is that i cannot simply put the entire video tutorials in the help menu exactly as it is laid out nice and organised in the dashboard menu.
    at least not without editing code which i am not comfortable with and also what i do not think i am paying wpmudev for either.

    I appreciate your excellent suggestion of making it up with links.
    or possibly image links ? can i add images in the help menu easily using the "ultimate branding" plugin ?

    i hope all is well with your colleague (Patrick),
    i thought you guys forgot about my post,
    but you managed to discover it was unresolved and still get back to me.
    much appreciated !!!

    could this possibly be suggested as a feature request for this plugin ?
    ie. to have the full video tutorials plugin as an option to appear in the "help menu" where it would certainly make sense to be positioned, because it is a help guide, as well as not cluttering the dashboard menu. give your users an additional option to place the videos, since the short codes do not work.
    OR - make the "ultimate branding" plugin to allow the "help menu" to accept short codes.

    Kind regards,
    thanks again for your reply and excellent suggestion.


  • PC

    Hey there RC,

    Thanks for posting back.

    I appreciate your excellent suggestion of making it up with links.
    or possibly image links ? can i add images in the help menu easily using the "ultimate branding" plugin ?

    Yeah you can do that Admin help content addon can help you do that. It allows HTML so you can add images (in a tabular format too)

    I will certainly move this to "Features and Feedback" section so that we can better utilize the help menu by customizing it as per our needs.

    Lets see what our second level support thinks of that :slight_smile: They should be around soon.

    Cheers, PC

  • Jose

    Hi RC,

    I hope you are great today,

    I'm thinking on your suggestion, and from a UX perspective it seems much more clear to have only the context-related videos rendering on the help menu, specially for novice users that are not aware even about what video they would need to watch.
    Anyway, It may be handy to have a "More videos" button above the contextual videos, linking to the video tutorial list page, and an option to render the whole list in the help menu.
    I'll flag the developer for the feature request.

    Thanks for your question!


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