Add Media Dialog box not showing as a popup and unable to insert media into post

Hi Folks,

I have a website that just recently got the 3.9.2 update. I am not certain that this is the cause but just need some help.

This is a custom theme that manages properties and one of the features is that you add the property through a customer post type and you add property images using an add media button in the post options.

As you would expect clicking this button displays the normal add media dialog popup so you can insert an image into a post.

My issue is that something has gone wrong - now when you press the button you are taken to a new page to select the media. The problem is that this then doesn't work at all when you try to select an image.

I have cleared my cache etc. just in case but wanted to know your thoughts before I did anything more drastic with the site such as turning off plugins etc.

Any help is much appreciated.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @illustratemedia,

    I haven't experienced this issue at all on my own sites, it does sound like it could be a plugin conflict or a JS issue on the page.

    Do you see any errors in the console when you press ctrl+shift+J (in chrome or firefox)

    Can you enable debug in wp-config.php by setting WP_DEBUG to true.

    You might need to check for plugin conflicts unfortunately, so the drastic action might be necessary to try and narrow it down somehow.

    Does the theme actually create/register the custom post type itself when you install it?


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