Add menu item to Buddypress

Hi There,

I just have a quick question, I added a menu item to the buddypress menu bar on the Product Theme using this code:
< ?php
//add the action hook

//insert the links now
function extra_nav_links()
< li>< a target="_blank" href="">Guilds< /a>< li>

< ?php

I just have a small issue, now when I am on the Guilds page, the menu item isn't high lighted like if I was on the other Buddypress pages, would you know how to change this? Here is the link:

Also I have just thought of something small, while on that page, I added a < hr > to divide the blogs (guilds) to make it look more like the blogs directory, but the line is a very thick line compared to the one on the other pages, I have tried using 1px, and it resulted in the same line. Would you know how to get the line the same as the one on the other buddypress pages?