Add-on: Add Ultimate Facebook Permission Dashboard Widget

I'm loving Easyblogging plugin and loving the Ultimate facebook plugin (many thanks for those) .

For my multisite website I'm using ultimate facebook with my API domain key and I want my users to grant access to their account, so they can post their photo´s. I wanted my users to not see the admin screen but only the widget on the dashboard.

I created a small add-on for easy blogging that will add the FB Permission widget on the dashboard. Works like a charm, so I thought It would be nice to share it!

Just download the .php file, put in in the \plugins\easyblogging\lib\plugins folder and activate the add-on.

Hope it helps!

  • pbrink

    It's not possible to upload .php file :slight_smile:.

    So here is the code:

    Plugin Name: Add facebook permission widget
    Description: Adds the facebook permission to the easybloggin dashboard.
    Plugin URI:
    Author: pbrink
    class Wdeb_Menu_AddFacebookPermissionWidget {
    	private function __construct () {}
    	public static function serve () {
    		$me = new Wdeb_Menu_AddFacebookPermissionWidget;
    	private function _add_hooks () {
    		add_filter('wdeb_allowed_dashboard_metaboxes', array($this, 'add_widget_to_dashboard'));
    	function add_widget_to_dashboard($allowed) {
    	 $allowed[count($allowed)] = "wdfb_dashboard_permissions_widget";
    	return $allowed;
    if (is_admin()) Wdeb_Menu_AddFacebookPermissionWidget::serve();

    Just create wdeb-dashboard-fb.php in the \plugins\easyblogging\lib\plugins folder and copy+paste the code in the file.


  • Vladislav


    Thank you very much for this addition! I actually looked forward to and hoped for user-contributed add-ons with the new add-on architecture. This one is so great that it, with your permission, got bundled with the rest of the add-ons in plugin distribution, with the latest plugin release (v3.1.4, just released). Of course, I kept the attribution as it was in the code. Please, let me know if you wish to be attributed differently (e.g. with a full name, or whatever else).

    Once again, thank you.