Add on feature for custom press

Good day,

I was wondering if you would consider adding a couple of features to custompress. Like custompress, toolsets plugin has a whole range of addons (not as exstensive as yours). Types are like custompress. It has the added ability of linking post types according to the parent child relationship. The views addon. Please check the video link. Has the ability to use the custom fields to create the frontend look of a template. In other words. It creates the template by simply using the custom fields. I think this will be a great addon. I like the toolsets plugins as it lets you create the front end without have to know to much code, but unfortunately it made my whole site crash as it doesn't work with a lot of other plugins and I need a lot since I have a multisite. There cred plugin lets you design the forms for the front-end.

I hope you will consider this as I think it could just enhance your already amazing plugin range.