add on sites template update need info and advice

This has to do with a Fiverr Clone theme we are running on a multisite install (not Live yet), We need advice and a little en-site to the workings of themes updating with add on Sites (blogs)

We are using an excellent Fiverr Clone template that has the functionality of everything built into the template and also you can use plugins for extras.
here is my problem and would like hear what everyone thinks. template is called Pricerr and site selling it is SiteMile.

the Pricerr template need to be deactivated and then reactivated in order for database tables / columns to be updated in the install. the way I have it setup is the only template is the pricerr template and its framework (pricerr is the child theme) updates are very often.
I had a problem with a new version not updating the settings until I switched to the framework and then back to the pricerr child template then all was well.
The problem is on the add on Sites not everyone will want to do that and when the template gets reactivated the settings need to be put back in.
How can I
1. keep the settings of everyone's template in place and still have the update.
2. Not have to switch the template on everyone's site to another template or the framework then back to update the database entries and
2a. when that happens does the add on blog have its own database entries for the template?
I just reread this and I guess they have to for each blog to have its own settings.
Andre the developer for the theme is looking into it I figured since you guys / Gals here are experts I can get a fast answers to these questions.
I'm a little confused.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings n2rga :slight_smile:

    I personally have no idea or I would be glad to assist in this matter.

    However, this is clearly a custom request therefore I shall refer it to the custom jobs listing which is available to you via -->Profile-->Go to your private profile-->bottom right table/window

    If any other Members want to offer Giovanni a custom solution your are more then welcome to do so!

    If we can be of further assistance please let us know :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • HamRadioDude
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    Let me ask the question another way.
    I have been testing and the only way for the theme to update Database entries for each Blog is for the theme to be disabled then reinstalled in each add on blog.
    Is there a SQL script or plug in that will do this for each blog to update the template settings?

    On a side note how is this done automatically when updating. I need the same thing but with a ftp upload then a sql or plug in that would take care of the rest.
    I guess if it has to be moved then go ahead I just did not want this to be lost in the sauce :>

    anyone know if this is how it works am I on the correct track?
    Do I have it all wrong?
    Should I give up on it, Its not going to happen? :>

  • HamRadioDude
    • HummingBird

    Hi thanks its a theme is developed by a third party after checking the update plugin you guys have here I saw a Line in it ignor child theme then it accord to me that the theme is a child them and the main theme is the frame work. I have asked the developer that makes the theme/ template and he said he will look into it later on. but that's not helping now as My site is open and while I can tell everyone after an update to refresh there child theme (pricerr) they would then have no problem but I do not want to have to go through that on each update (once a week, some times more).
    the site we are talking about is a fiverr clone multi site called

  • aecnu
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    Greetings n2rga,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    I admit just by the sounds of having to update the theme constantly is bad news from my perspective, that means they keep fixing and fixing and .....

    I do not have a developer to refer to without them actually having the theme itself and the willingness to dig through some others developers work would be a must - and add into this that the next theme update from these other folks could possibly delete the fix too.

    I am at a loss as to what to recommend and therefore I will pass it on to a higher authority.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • Mason
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    Hiya n2gra,

    To be clear: When you get an update on the theme parent, you update it, but the child theme doesn't update until you deactivate/reactivate. Is that correct?

    What is in the header of your child theme's style.css file? That should be all that's required to pull the updates correctly. Honestly I've never heard of an issue like this, but it's almost surely an issue with the theme framework.

    As it's so specific, I don't know how we can better assist you here. It's gonna require someone with specific knowledge of that product which we don't have. :slight_frown:

    Unless you're using one of our products and I've missed that. Please do let us know. Will be happy to help if it's actually possible to do so.


  • HamRadioDude
    • HummingBird

    Thanks for checking back with me I have been working with the developer on a solution he said that he is working out something to update new and update-able sql statements with out cycling the themes off and on. hes working on it now have not tested yet.
    You going to mark this as resolved.
    Thanks Again
    I love the support here wish I was able to keep affording another year. can't be on the computer long.

  • HamRadioDude
    • HummingBird

    To be clear: When you get an update on the theme parent, you update it, but the child theme doesn't update until you deactivate/reactivate. Is that correct?

    Yes that is Correct

    Theme Name: PricerrTheme
    Theme URI:
    Description: The only wordpress theme that will let you run a job/auction fixed price site.
    Author URI:
    Template: sitemile-framework
    Tags: job, blue, bid, budget, rating, feedback
    /* ---------------- DO NOT EDIT ABOVE THIS LINE -------------------- */

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