Add Price and Other Info To Products Page

I need that the price of the products shows on the preview of the thumbnails on the products part of the site. I was looking on the options and i didn’t see how to make the price and the author to show.


I also need To add A Preview Play Button for the mp3 track uploaded by the users. Same link above

Also That Shows the price, add to cart, name of the author and a bpm(bits per minute) options so the users can see the speed of the track that the user that uploaded the track set.

All this i want it to show on the products page also on the featured and latest tracks section that it will show on the homepage.


On the website i am managing the profiles of the users with the built in system that the Theme I’m using has. The Theme is called Musica bought on Themeforest.

Also how can i make what it shows here on the homepage as well

I have a lot of questions and i’m so stuck with this project. I really appreciate your help on this.

Thank You So Much For Your Time.