Add Pro Sites support for Support System plugin

Summary: Integrate Support System plugin with Pro Sites as a Premium Support option in addition to (or optionally instead of) priority email.

The Pro Sites plugin has a 'Premium Support' module that allows an option for priority email support. It'd be great if the Support System plugin was incorporated so the 'Submit Ticket' was also a premium support feature.

It's essentially the same as priority email (an email notification is sent with both), except the Support System plugin has better ticket submission/tracking options and features that improve the experience for users and administrators

With a bit of code I'm able to simply hide the Support System from non-Pro Site members, but it'd be nice to have it built in for more synergy between your plugins and added convenience for users. It’s a simple improvement that adds a lot of value.

If this is already possible, please show me how, I might have missed it. Thanks.