Add question, why redirect and not remember category and error in css?


I have a few questions about the Q and A plugin:

I am going to use this plugin as the 'base' for my website.
On my site, users can share clever thoughts and user can respond to that.
(So, it has nothing to do with questions, but the plugin fits my needs and I have found no other plugins that are capable for this)

It is perfect that you can assign the Question Categories and subcategories to the menu. However, I came accross a few things:
1. A added a main Question categorie and a Question subcategorie to the menu.
A vistor comes to the website and goes via the menu the page displaying the subcategorie.
He there wants to add a new question. So on the Question subcategorie page, the user clicks on "Add a question".
From this point, I think it goes 'wrong' because, the user then gets redirected to
the questions/ask/ page. I think that the proper solution would be, questions/[categorie] or [ subcategory]/ask/.
Because now the user 'has lost' the page where he was on and has to select the category or subcategory from the page he just left from
the dropdownlist.

2. The dropdownlist, where the user can select a category has a width of 1%. So, the user cannot see the dropdownlist. In the css (used firebug)
it is this rule: #question-title-label, #question-category-td, #question-tags-label { width: 1%; }
When I increase the value, then the inputbox of the title gets smaller.

3. Is there a way to translate everything?

Hope you can help me out.


(I am using the BuddyPress Corporate theme. And sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:, my language is dutch )