Add recurring events support to the front end editor

I have a couple clients that are using the front end editor for Events+. Both of those clients have expressed an interest in have the recurring events functionality exposed and available in the front end editor.

Since you already have it in the back end, what would it take to expose it and take advantage of it in the front end?

I found an old thread from 2012 on this same topic that was pretty much dead on arrival. This plugin has matured a lot since then and this is a key functionality for any events plugin. I think a serious conversation about adding that kind of support is well overdue. I have at least two clients now asking for it, and I've also found a need for it myself in other projects I've built.

Since the functionality already exists in the plugin, what challenges are there that have prevented adding it to the front end?

  • Jude

    Howdy @Saunt Valerian

    I can mark a feature request again, although this may take a bit more time.

    Let me explain briefly. Adding this to a screen on the back end is super easy because of how WP is built. You can try now for a custom post type and do it in 30 mins flat yourself.

    Doing this on the font end is tricker because you basically need to write the form logic, the validation and processing logic your self ( not to mention the styling ). You may also need to give handles to users to specify where on the front they want this displayed.

    Lets see if other members want this. We will definitely consider based on response


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