Add specifiic role to action

Despite what I said in a few topics I decided to reactivate my subscription here. Not because the support was good (to be honest I'm still a tad angry about it), but because the plugins are useful.

Anyways, the reason I added this topic: I recently overhauled a website of mine ( - not sure if it's my browser (FF3.6.x on OSX) but I can't use the link-button to add a link to it) and I'm using two user-riles for registrations (using Gravity Forms for the registrations).

The website brings WP experts (from the Benelux) and WP users together (so there are two different roles for those users). I would like to send out specific emails to the WP experts (ie a few days after registration with steps on how to add an account (which is a custom post type)).

I hope this makes sense :slight_smile: