Add structured data option to SmartCrawl

Does SmartCrawl really not do structured data insertions? Or am I maybe missing something?

I believe the micro-data needs to be in sync with any meta data and titles that are created in the SmartCrawl plugin. Would be appropriate for the controls to be here: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wds_onpage

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ben,

    I hope you're well today.

    SmarCrawl supports schema in form of JSON-LD. There's no established standards for how WP themes and plugins deliver/render content, thus microdata support wouldn't be reliable here and could cause issue (not due to SmartCrawl itself but due to other themes/plugins).

    If you got JSON-LD on site, that's fine. It is not necessary to add up all and every possible features of that kind to the same site, adding both won't suddenly boost site's rankings. In fact, Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD are just different ways to implement structured data and are all recognized by Google search crawlers.

    However, I understand of course that the preference might be to use one or another or both so I have moved this ticket to our "Features and Feedback" forum as a "Feature request".

    Other Members of our Community will be able to vote for that feature and if it gets more support, our developers might add it to the "to do" list for future releases.

    Kind regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi @benmiskie!

    I think the start of the confusion of its existence is that activating it is done by toggling the word "social" ... that makes no sense.

    Well, yeah, I can agree with that :slight_smile: It would be more intuitive indeed if it was a separate, dedicated toggle. I have suggested this to the developers already.

    Google is the law. recommends JSON-LD so we are on the right track.

    That's certainly true but by "no established standards" I didn't mean structured data but "markup standards" used in WP Themes. Such data can be implemented either as JSON-LD or as microdata or as RDFa. Technically speaking, while providing the same information they're different. Microdata implementation can only be used with (X)HTML5 and requires specific "inline markup". Which means that it might be quite difficult to create "an universal tool" that will handle that regardless of the theme used (and despite other plugins that can possibly affect source code - HTML markup - of the given site/page).

    So, I think JSON-LD is the most reasonable way to go. Like you already mentioned, it is recommended by Google, it doesn't depend on HTML structure the way Microdata depends and is quite universal.

    Best regards,

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