Add Support Activity to Admin Dashboard?

I’ve installed the latest version of the Support System plugin. The site is a common online store for a non-technical merchant and assigned the owner a new Shop_Keeper role which is a trimmed-down version of Shop_Manager. Through Support>Settings, this role (and Administrator of course) can see all tickets.

The challenge here is that there’s no indication in the dashboard that there’s a new ticket. Unless one of these admin-type users goes to Support and checks for new open tickets or responses, new transactions might not be processed. The admins don’t get an email that there is a new ticket. Isn’t this stuff kinda “Support 101”?

Is there already a dashboard widget/feed or a shortcode with new inbound support ticket activity? (I know how to create a dashboard widget, there is good info on this. I just need to know if I need to do this myself or if it’s already been done.)

What about an icon on the admin sidebar like we see for plugin updates, or when there are issues with a plugin like Defender?

Should I manually add a BCC to the email confirmation that goes out to someone who submitted a ticket? Or is there already a built-in notification that I haven’t found yet?