Add tag and category to status updates?

I love what you've done with BP Activity Plus - it's 80% of what we need for the perfect functionality for our project.

Is it possible to add categories to status updates? - not blog categories, but have status update categories - to be able to categorize updates, say, Red, Green or Blue category?

Further, it would be ultimate to be able to have tags associated with updates as well. This way all updates with a certain tag can be viewed on one page - the "status tag archive" page.

How much would it cost to have you super-mondo-pros add these functionalities?

    Timothy Bowers

    Hey 3RING.

    Thats an excellent suggestion, it would be pretty cool huh!

    As you noted though it is not something currently supported. In BuddyPress itself does not support tags or categories so in order to do that the plugin would need some extra functionality to manage it.

    Which categories/tags would it use, they are normally associated with Post_Types. So..... I suppose there would be some thinking to do for a developer as to which is the best method to do something like this.

    How much would it cost to have you super-mondo-pros add these functionalities?

    At the moment all of our guys and gals are flat out here working on projects, that said though you could make your suggestion here:

    The more votes and comments, the more popular and the more likely the feature would be considered

    Or if you need it quickly you could look to post a job for developers in our job board:

    Take care.

    Timothy Bowers

    I've never had any experience with the developers from the jobs board to be honest. I know its open to anyone to apply.

    Just make sure you use an escrow payment so no funds are released until the job is complete to a high standard.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Take care.