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my category pages default to "buy now". i need add to cart.
I have it set to "add to cart" in thje options but that doesnt effect catrgory pages like:

how can i achieve this in shortcode?

<?php if (is_category('Boys Clothes')) {
echo do_shortcode('[mp_global_categories_list order_by="name" order="ASC" paginate=false per_page="40"]');
} ?>

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi dfstorm,

    As a quick note, I actually just realized, you're referring to a global shortcode so you'll likely want to have a look at the marketpress-ms.php file for Multisite related template functions and shortcodes.

    That said, I'm afraid there's no option to specify either an Buy Now or Add to Cart button in the shortcodes or template functions. I believe those are simply specified via the settings on the sub-sites themselves at Products > Store Settings > General.

    Do you by any chance have those configured on your sub-sites?

    I think that might be all that's needed if not.


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