"Add to Cart" button in marketplace when using global cart


When using Global Cart function with marketpress, there is missing an "Add to Cart" button.

For know when customers come to marketplace, they will be redirected for each product to the sub site selling this product.
It would be much better if customers could stay on marketplace, so they just add product to cart and dont need to go to sub site for doing this.
I think some customers will leave the site, while this is strange for them, and maybe they saw two products they want but from two different sub sites, so when they have added the first product to cart they will need to go back and look for other product again before they can go to that sub site and add to cart.
Thats to many clicks and its possible some customers will leave because of this, i think.

I will hope this could be possible to make in future upgrades for Marketpress plugin.

Best regards,