Add to default font list in BlogsMU template?

I’m using the BlogsMU template, with a child theme, and have two Google handwriting fonts I want to use in various places.

I’ve done the @import into the child’s CSS style sheet, and attempted to define the headers there. I can use the font on the site with HTML in the text boxes, so I know I’ve got them…but the theme ignores the header definitions in the Stylesheet. I checked my syntax and even copied the one from the Google fonts page. Nada. The fonts work fine if I put them in as html spans around individual blocks of text but that’s a pain in the…well…you know.

I’ve downloaded the WP Google fonts plug-in, and tried specifying H4, etc. via that…and still the theme ignores the change.

And aside from actually getting the header definitions to work…is there some way I can insert them into the default font list (the drop down menus) so I can find them, and just let the theme have its way with them?

The only answer I could find was a 2009 “we don’t let you because…don’t ever do that” that pre-dates Google Fonts.

FWIW, I’m trying to install Rock Salt & Homemade Apple as alternatives to Reenie Beanie.

Thanks… :slight_smile:

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @sheryn

    Welcome to the forums!

    There are 2 ways to get that done:

    1. Simply declare those fonts in the style-sheet as seen in this post:

    2. Add them to a custom function in functions.php of your child-theme to override the same function in the parent.

    The function you’d want to copy over to your child-theme starts around line 1309 of functions.php in blogs-mu. You’ll see it where it says

    // get google web font

    Once you’ve copied that function to your child-theme, you can add all the Google fonts you want, and they should appear for selection in the theme settings.

    For more on this kind of operation with functions.php, see

  • Sheryn
    • New Recruit

    Oh that’s awesome, thank you.

    Are there advantages to either method over the other? And yes, I’m using the child theme. Made that mistake already. :wink:

    Told somebody once, on another topic: “I’m not smart…I’m wise. That means i’ve screwed this up at least once already.”

  • Sheryn
    • New Recruit

    I like that plan. It turned out to be a little more complicated than I could handle. I tried what you described, and checked my work again and again, but could not get it to make any difference in the theme default lists.

    I managed to trace those lists back to a file called options-functions.php in the functions folder in the parent theme, where what appears in those drop downs is listed line by line.(at about 55 and 635, bless you or somebody else for all that indenting).

    I got help from a friend with better skills than me, and here’s what we figured out…which led to a new question.Two and a half new questions, actually. And a heads up on the theme for you.

    Neither of us was sure whether editing functions.php in the child theme would cover options-functions.php, or if we’d need to copy that over, too, and if so, whether we needed to duplicate the folder structure etc. Since it was 1am and well beyond a reasonable amount of time spent already, we said <expletive preemptively deleted> and just edited the parent file for now.

    Somewhere in the trouble-shooting, he also backed up to about line 1199 — if( !function_exists( ‘mytheme_wp_blogsmu_head’ ) ): — in the functions.php file and brought the previous operation over with the one you described. That’s about the point that I crashed, so I’m not sure why, or whether it was actually necessary, but he seemed to think so…and all the fonts are listed individually in that function too. I’d tried just bringing over the link references, but didn’t now enough about the scripting to recognize any of the stuff around that list to know what else to copy.

    So, my questions: 1) what, if anything, do I do about the part in the options-functions.php file? and 2) do I actually need the the stuff in the previous function (lines1199- 1308) in my child functions.php or should I have managed that a different way? Will leaving it there hurt anything?

    And a heads-up: I’d tried to use the font “Vollkorn” earlier in the day and it kept coming up Arial. I figured it was something about my system and moved on. While I was editing functions.php I realized it’s misspelled “Volkorn’ in all the Google API calls in that file. I corrected the spelling while I was in there and now it works fine.

    Now to go clean up the mess i’ve made of my site playing with fonts in the first place… :slight_smile:

    Thank you again for your help…and at this point, your patience.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey


    Aw geez, this one slipped through the cracks, didn’t it?

    It turns out that you are absolutely right in that an addition must be made to options-functions.php.

    But I cannot get the darned thing to work at all in a child-theme. Neither reproducing the exact folder structure, not dropping it in at the child-theme root, nor adding bits & pieces to the child functions.php change things at all.

    However, adding the option to options-functions.php in the parent does make it selectable in the theme options, and the new font is applied to the child.

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