Add unique hypertext links via custom fields

I'd like to design a very simple custom WP post style.

It would comprise:

1) A product image
2) A category (from dropdown list)
3) Some text (50-words)
4) Three call to action buttons

I'm OK with 1 to 3 but I can't find a plugin that will handle 4.

Here is the problem. When I write each post I would like to add three calls-to-action for each post. I would create a list of 10 calls-to-action (Buy Now, Order Sample, etc etc) and select the three most appropriate for that post.

Having selected the most appropriate three, I would then need to apply unique hyperlinks to each. These would be different for every call-to-action on every post.

Is this possible using CustomPress? I can see that I could add custom fields for Call-to-Action 1, 2 and 3 but there doesn't seem to be an option for using a custom field to create a unique linked button.

I've attached images of what the custome post editing screen and post view might look like.

Can this be done in any standard plugins or will I need some code.

Any help appreciated.