Added feature to Pro Site: plugin activation based on Level

Hi, I found an issue managing my pro sites: I was creating new premium plugins for my clients and wanted to 'activate' the plugin ONLY for PRO or ELITE (in my case) users. By activate I mean, I wanted the plugin to be active not only accessible to them.

This became especially an issue when I replace a premium stats plugin with a better one I modified: I had to mass deactivate and then activate only for the paying customers. Basically I wanted to merge the Multisite PLugin Management plugin into the Pro Sites Plugin so that under Premium Plugins I could assign, activate and deactivate based on LEVEL.

I spent quite some time and its not quite perfect yet. Is it worth posting here anyway ( maybe get quite a few brownie points :slight_smile: or is it too specific for me? The reason I did it in the end instead of using Multisite PLugin Manager was the conflict the two did together and there was no other way to mass deactivate a plugin. Level activation instead was just simply missing. As the manager of an MU I thought it was important to have in Pro Sites. Now I can assign a plugin to a level and it will auto activate (or not) when the site is created, but there was no way to force activate a plugin ONLY based on a LEVEL.

Ciao and good night.