Added new standalone forums bbpress to multisite and buddypress, problem displaying users posts

Can anyone help with what I need to do to troubleshoot a standalone install of bbpress, with wordpressmu integration. I have it setup and it's working ok, except that if I mouseover the avatar for the user I get http:/// instead of the member's profile showing the member's posts, so there is no way to get the member's posts all in one place. What should I check to see how I could fix this? Thanks

Also, If I remove the avatar, then I don't have any link on the member name and so there is no way to view all the member's posts or their profile.

Just compared the issue with your forums, so I'm not getting the ability on my install to view the profile page ie: (There's no link on my forums in the topics to be able to view the member's profile)

  • Philip John
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    Hi Sitesonline!

    Love to help you with this so I'm gonna need some more information.

    First off, what plugins you have installed, versions of WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress you're using as well as what theme you have activated (this one is very important).

    Ideally a link to your site would also help!


  • sitesonline
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    HI Phil, Ok, did a new install, and still cannot get the member's name to be hyperlinked to their posts
    (So no way to see all the posts from the user)

    Here is my install:

    Buddypress and stand alone bbpress

    If I mouseover either the avatar- there is no link, and of course there is no mousever that appears when moving over the username

    Also, is there a way to delete the keymaster text from showing up?

    Thank you

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    More info. I have confirmed it is a bug with the Theme EduBB

    If I use the Theme EduBB - there is no link on the user's avatar nor on the name, however, if I switch to the Kakumei themes there is a link on the text (keymaster) to go to the user's posts

    So I still have 2 problems/questions if anyone can help.

    1. How can I fix the bug in the edublog theme so that clicking on the avatar will show the user's posts

    2. Is there a way to not have the word (keymaster) show up?

    I hope there is someone using the standalone version of BBpress who may be able to point me in the right direction on how to fix this. Thanks very much

  • Philip John
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    Apologies for not responding sooner. For some reason your post didn't make it to my subscriptions.

    I don't believe this is an issue with the Edublogs theme as the section you're referring to uses the standard BuddyPress method for outputting a link to the author's profile.

    However, I think I may have found a thread where others have had a similar issue and implemented a fix:

    Hope that helps!

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