Added username and blog link to ms-admin.php?page=ticket-manager

Hi guys,

I added the username of the user next to their name and then I set it up to open a link to find there blog when you click on it. This helps me lookup there issues faster since most of there issues have to do with there blogs.


Line 2087

                t.ticket_id, t.cat_id, t.user_id, t.blog_id, t.admin_id, t.ticket_type, t.ticket_priority, t.ticket_status, t.ticket_opened, t.ticket_updated, t.title,
                c.cat_name, u.display_name AS user_name, u.user_login AS user_login, a.display_name AS admin_name, l.display_name AS last_user_reply, m.user_id AS user_avatar_id,

Added the code to the table at
Line : 2129
<td style="border-bottom:0;"><?php echo $current_ticket->user_name; ?> (<a tite="<?php _e("View Blog", INCSUB_SUPPORT_LANG_DOMAIN);?>" target='_blank' href="./ms-sites.php?action=blogs&s=<?php echo $current_ticket->blog_id; ?>&searchaction=id" ><?php echo $current_ticket->user_login; ?></a>)</td>

I think this helps the support process for me at least. Any suggestions?