Adding a custom post form in add_meta_box

Hello, hope you all are having a good day!
I´m looking here if someone have the solution to posting a form from a wordpress meta box (widget in edit-post page). The problem is that the meta box is already a form, so it would look like this: <form><form></form></form> So pressing the second forms submit button will update the post, which we don´t want

Someone came with the solution to post the form in ajax.

The reason why we want to send a form from here is that we need to send shipping information from a woocommerce order to a restapi server with json, and get information back with a tracking code and a shipping pdf label. (see the screenshot)

Code for the meta box:

add_action( 'add_meta_boxes', 'MY_order_meta_boxes' );

function MY_order_meta_boxes()
        __( 'Subject' ),
function order_meta_box_YOURCONTENT()

Any suggestions?