Adding a Domain (A site) to my WPMU installation


I want to add a domain to my primary site I got a link from David with instructions on how to do this from David. I have installed the plugin and adjusted my config file. I think I also got the domain configuration done – I entered the IP address of the site.

I don’t quite understand the next step and whether I’m doing this right. Do I add my new domain: http://emptybowlsvapeninsula under domain mapping tool.

And I don’t understand the uncomment instruction.

The overall process will result in what looks like a completely different site just managed from one installation – right?

Thanks for you help.


  • DavidM
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    Hiya Randie,

    That’s correct that you’d be able to essentially administer two sites from your one installation of WordPress. Though that’s default Multisite behavior actually, Domain Mapping just lets you add a domain name to any of your sub-sites.

    In case you’re not quite familiar with it all just yet, the following resource from the online manuals here provides some great insight on this.

    That said, looking at your domain http://emptybowlsvapeninsula, it doesn’t seem as if it’s directed to your main site at this point. Have you by any chance opened a support ticket with pSek regarding that?


  • randiesue
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    I am really confused as to where I am in the process of setting this up. According to this link I have a lot to do to set this up, but it seems like some of the things are already done. For example,

    When I go to Create a Network – it says this:

    Notice: The Network feature is already enabled. The original configuration steps are shown here for reference.

    Create a blogs.dir directory in /home/barbarat/public_html/wp-content. This directory is used to stored uploaded media for your additional sites and must be writeable by the web server.

    Add the following to your wp-config.php file in /home/barbarat/public_html/ above the line reading /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */:

    Also, what do you mean exactly about opening a support ticket from Psek. I have had a long conversation already about adding a domain. Is there something else they need to do on their end.



  • randiesue
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    Hi David,

    Please see screen shot. Do I need to add my new domain to this field?

    Also, I followed the instructions for adding the mapping plugin, but I doesn’t show up on my plugins in my WPMU installation.



    Could you take a look at my WPMU menu and see what I’m doing?

  • randiesue
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    Oh my gosh, I think I’ve done it!!

    I was so confused because all the steps looked like they were already done. In the last screen shot I sent you on the domain mapping – I don’t think I was suppose to do.

    When I went over to add site – then I was able to do it.

    I’m still not sure – but it works.

    Thanks so much.


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