Adding a Domain to my WPMU installation


I have asked Psek to help me with this and I was also given WP.MU link and contact them for help, but I haven’t heard back from them and I also didn’t get an autorespond email mmm……

Anyway, maybe someone can help me. My primary domain on my WPMU is and I recently purchased I want to add this site to my WPMU installation that has the site as well. How do I do this? I got a few instructions from Psek -first one person said to put it as parked domain – then someone said – then he came back and said yes. Well, anyway I put it as a parked domain, and I added the domain mapping plugin. Now what do I do? I went to my super admin panel and tried to add site and it said missing or invalid site address.

Did I miss a step? Do I need to do something to my config file?



  • DavidM
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    Hi Randie,

    Yep, sounds like you’d just need to add that domain as a parked domain. With that done, your domain should then point to your main domain

    That doesn’t currently seem to be the case, though it might be due to domain name propagation. If you’ve just purchased the domain name, it could take a period of perhaps 24 hours.

    We’ve also got your email on this so I’ll verify there with you that this is all working for you.



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